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My friends and family say that I’m a positive woman, always in a fantastic mood and smiling, I like making jokes and having fun together with my close men and women. I think there’s a little kid in me who is still living, being 32 I can be extremely funny and frivolous. I really do sports and have a very busy lifestyle and I love to stay in shape. I have russian women personals a lot of friends. Though I’m not a party animal, I love big companies, particularly having friends over and cooking dinners for them or visiting friends or going outside and having a great time together. I’m flexible, easy-going and open-minded. I respect others’s beliefs and opinions and also expect the same out of them.

I’m a very busy and social person and I love to meet new men and women. I like traveling and exploring new areas. I have traveled to a lot of places around Europe, but the world is so big and I want to see more, particularly in the company of a loved one. I feel that I’m lost so much since I’d like to discuss this adventure with someone I really care for and love. I’m into sports, particularly skiing. I like going to winter resorts and adore the winter atmosphere of the mountain. I play squash, take part in tournaments and it will help me to remain healthy, both physically and mentally. I like going biking with my friends and spending time in the character. I’m a linguist by profession, so I’m into languages and international lands, maybe that is why I’m prepared to get familiar with a guy from a foreign country. I’m fluent in English, I speak decent German, comprehend a lot of French and Italian and will talk them very fluently. Lately I took up studying Spanish also. It’s very easy for me to pick up languages, so there will be no language barrier between you and me.

I dream of a happy family life, raising children together with my caring guy, traveling together, interacting, working, having pleasant hobbies and residing in a house in a lovely surroundings. My perfect mate is smart, has a sense of humor and he is loyal and gentle. I want to get a respect in my man, thus he needs to be confident and have his feet firmly on the floor and needless to say, always be kind.

I’m a petite, delicate brunette, with a fantastic sense of humor. I like romantic moods: I love to be by the sea, to see the stars, to lit candles and also to smell the roses. I like poetry, occasionally when I have inspiration I compose fine original poems. I really like children.

My fantasy is to see all the world and that is why I prefer to travel as much as you can. And I saw some nations and needless to say, I want to see more. Also I like picture, the ocean, to dancing, to communicate with new men and women. I really like animals, to eat sweets, and also to see sport automobiles.

A man has to be in the first place a guy; I mean that a true guy. With a solid character, to make his spouse feel his powerful shoulder so that she can feel comfortable, small, and secure. But at the exact same time he needs to be kind, sincere, faithful.

I’m lively, open-minded, communicative, kind, tolerant and responsible lady. I’m also faithful and family oriented girl. I’m cheerful and friendly, social and sympathetic, honest and true individual.

I’m interested in travelling. I’m fond of swimming. I like communicating with various men and women. I love to see a fantastic movie in the home, I love to go to the cinema. I like literature very much.

I am looking for my second half, my guy, someone who is smart and kind-hearted, honest and trustworthy individual, who is optimist, responsible and emotionally stable guy. A guy with great sense of humor.

I’m a charming and easy-going and smart young lady. I love to be funny and to joke — in a wonderful way of course. I have a fantastic sense of humor and I think it is much more easier to live and enjoy regular once you accept life favorably! I love to make my house cozy and I will tell that I am a fantastic housekeeper. I love to cook and it is always a pleasure for me!! I love to attend social occasions and I often take part in various beauty contests! I’m a model so I have a rather interesting life however I don’t have someone who can be a fantastic friend and beloved one for me! I have a big and warm heart so I am awaiting my prince and I really hope to find him !

I like cooking, dancing and enjoying the outdoors. I love to spend time with my family and friends. In addition, I like sport very much and I really do my best to keep in shape. I’m fond of cosmetology and fashion. I love to travel and find something fresh from life!

I would like my guy to be kind, strong, loyal and supportive! I want to laugh and if I have some troubles, to be able to cry on his shoulder! I don’t pay much attention into a physical beauty since it isn’t too significant to me. I think that the inner beauty is a lot more important! I have an intention to build a joyful family and to discuss it with my husband! I wish to journey with my guy. I think that loving men and women should spend much time together and I want to devote my entire life to my cherished one. I desire a guy who is prepared to do exactly the same! I would like him to be intimate, never to take our love for granted and also to make some pleasant surprises for me!

About my personality, my friends say that I am a snug lady and that I am a kind and loyal individual. I can tell without a doubt that I can make my cherished individual happy. I have a lot of interests and I love to keep an active life. I dream to meet someone who will be my very special guy and I wish to develop a long relationship. I’m a social person, but in exactly the exact same time, I am a calm and serious individual. I love to laugh and joke and needless to say, I wish my life partner to have a fantastic sense of humor.

I have many distinct interests and I would love to talk about them with my beloved man and needless to say, I wish to understand his hobbies! I love to listen to songs, to go dancing, travelling, studying, and like children very much.

At 26 years old myself, I am looking for a kind and serious guy who is between 30 and 45 years of age. I prefer a guy that has a rich inside world. In brand new connection with the guy, I wish to be happy and feel fully as a girl and be able to make my special guy feel exactly the same way.

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